Do you hate Tech Support?

We do. And, that's why we're fixing it.

The Problem:

Tech support is time consuming, inefficient, and causes extreme headaches.


The Solution:

Quickly connect with the right expert for your problem, via webcam and make your tech issue
go away.


Tech Support, Reinvented

Google +

Imagine instant access to tech experts who can answer your questions face-to-face, now. The experts are there. The technology exists. And now the platform is born. Using Google Hangouts, our innovative database, simplicity and speed, we’ve created a way to get your problems solved frugally and fast. With Remote Desktop recently created by Google, the timing for this launch couldn't be better!

Save time. Get the right answers. This is what the internet was meant to be. Rather than agonizing through forums, blogs, articles and search results, go directly to a live expert who will address your problem now.

Revolutionary Change. It's time to make Tech Support personal. Our vision is simple and achievable. Thousands of experts worldwide, on demand, connecting with millions of customers who prefer a better, more personal way of solving their problems. We’re building a revolutionary new company that will change tech support as we know it.

Calling All Explorers!
Technology experts, geniuses, geeks and revolutionaries, apply here.

We'll review your application and invite fifty (50) TechSupport Explorers to join us as we test, build, pivot, and create the best solution on the planet for curing tech headaches.

  1. Set your own hours. One hour a month or ten hours a day, it’s up to you.
  2. Focus on what you do best. We’ll match you with customers whose needs fit your experience.
  3. Utilize native Google Hangout features and new tools that we’re developing with your help.
  4. Create “Office Hours”, set appointments, or just show up and log in when you have a moment to make money by solving problems.

Get a launch notice!

(Note: Sign up early as a limited number of you will receive your first TechSupport session for free!)  

Individuals, enterprises, small businesses and revolutionaries, help us test and build this amazing platform! We'll contact you and pair you with experts who are working with us to build this phenomenal platform.